Will not support Black Lives Matter protests: UK Home Secretary Priti Patel

London: British Home Minister Priti Patel warned that the agitation in the United Kingdom, in support of the Black Lives Matter protests, was a horrible incident that can never be supported. During an interview with a British radio channel, Home Minister Patel indicated opposition even to the symbolic things connected to the Black Lives Matter agitation and said that there are other ways of expressing one’s opinion.

Will not support 'Black Lives Matter' agitation: British Home Minister Priti PatelA few days ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had ordered inquiries against the aggressive and extreme leftist groups, agitating on racism and weather changes. The investigation will be led by special envoy and advisor of the Prime Minister, John Woodstock. These orders were issued after it was exposed that Socialist Workers’ Party, known for extreme leftist ideology, intruded into the agitations for Black Lives Matter, along with weather changes and other issues.

Against this background, the British Home Minister’s criticism against the Black Lives Matter agitation becomes significant. Home Minister Patel gave an interview to the radio station LBC. During the interview, the host asked a question on the Black Lives Matter issue.

Will not support 'Black Lives Matter' agitation: British Home Minister Priti PatelHome Minister Patel castigated the Black Lives Matter agitation saying, ‘I don’t believe in kneeling to show respect. I will not do that. I don’t even have the time to do that. There are many ways available to express an opinion. The way the Black Lives Matter agitation was conducted in the last year was not appropriate. These protests were horrible. In the United Kingdom, some busts were smashed and pulled down from the pedestal. I don’t believe in rewriting history. There can be discussions on this issue in a different way.’

It has been observed that groups with hypocritical leftist ideologies are becoming aggressive in the United States and Europe, and the inquiry ordered in the United Kingdom, and the statements of the British Home Minister indicate that strong reactions are emanating against them.

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