US will repent military withdrawal from Afghanistan: former CIA Chief General David Petraeus

Washington: – David Petraeus, the former head of the CIA, warned, ‘The United States will soon have to repent for its hasty military withdrawal from Afghanistan. It won’t have to wait long.’ Former US defence officials and soldiers have also criticised the military withdrawal. Earlier, former US President George W. Bush, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton also had warned the Biden administration about the withdrawal.  


Two weeks ago, President Biden claimed that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was 95% complete and that a rapid withdrawal has ensured the safety of the American troops. Strong reactions have been emanating from the United States over this. In an interview with US News Agency, General Petraeus, a former CIA chief and retired military officer, criticised the withdrawal as ‘hasty and reckless’.  

‘US military withdrawal from Afghanistan is a serious mistake. With each passing week, the situation there becomes more and more dangerous. General Petraeus warned, ‘We will have to repent the military withdrawal soon.’ Afghan forces are fighting the Taliban. But many Afghan soldiers have been killed in the conflict, the former CIA chief said.  

General Petraeus warned, ‘With this withdrawal, US involvement here will come to an end, but the war in Afghanistan will not end. Because of this withdrawal, Afghanistan is now on the brink of a civil war.’ Like General Petraeus, former Pentagon official Jeh Johnson claimed that the situation in Afghanistan would get out of hand after the withdrawal.  

Last week, former US President George W. Bush slammed the Biden administration’s decision. Bush pointed out, ‘After this military coup, the Taliban will massacre the Afghan people. Afghan women and girls will have to endure horrific torture that cannot be described in words.’ Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton have warned that the repercussions could be catastrophic.  

Meanwhile, as the Taliban is taking a military lead in Afghanistan, Russia conducted military exercises on the border with Uzbekistan. For this, Russia has deployed its tanks on the Uzbek border. A few days ago, Russia also had criticised the US for its rapid military withdrawal. Russia warned that this could lead to instability in Afghanistan and affect the security of Central Asian countries. Russian Foreign Minister had indicated that Russia would send troops to Afghanistan if found necessary. 

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