The United States to handover Bagram airbase to Afghan military

Kabul: – Five people were killed and 25 injured in the bomb blasts carried out by Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. Concerns are being expressed as the Taliban attacks intensify with the US military withdrawal. Amid this, reports have surfaced that the United States will be handing over Bagram airbase to the Afghan military. Bagram airbase is the biggest US airbase in Afghanistan. This airbase located in the Parwan province of Afghanistan has a 3,500 metres long airstrip. There are many hangars and buildings on the Bagram airbase. Besides, it is claimed that there is also an underground base and prisons. As per received information, the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists, captured by the United States nearly a decade ago, had been detained in these prisons.   


Bagram airbase has come under rocket attacks from terrorists, being the biggest US base in Afghanistan. But these rocket attacks could not inflict much damage on the airbase. US President Joe Biden announced military withdrawal from Afghanistan. At that time, the question was being asked whether the United States will be handing over the Bagram airbase, like the other bases.  

The United States has not made any official announcement in this respect. But as per the claims published by the Afghan news agency, on Tuesday, the United States will be handing over the Bagram airbase to the Afghan military in the next three weeks. The Afghan News channel said that it was quoting the US military spokesman. Therefore, the US decision to hand over the Bagram airbase to the Afghan military could prove significant.   

It is claimed that the intensity of the Taliban attacks has increased over the last few weeks. One person was killed in a car bomb blast perpetrated by the Taliban terrorists in Charikar, the capital of Parwan Province. The Bagram airbase is just 11 kilometres from Charikar. This is the second attack in the Parwan province in the last four days.   

Whereas four people were killed in the car bomb blast carried out by the Taliban in the Baghlan province of Afghanistan. The Taliban terrorists used the Humvee vehicle of the military, filled with explosives in this blast. Everything in the 500 metres radius was rocked in the explosion. Taliban have accepted responsibility for the attack.   

Meanwhile, the United States is searching for bases in the neighbouring countries to ensure that the actions against the Taliban are not affected. Reports are being received that the military bases have been finalised in Pakistan. But the Pakistan government has dismissed all these reports. In this scenario, it is claimed the US decision to hand over the Bagram airbase becomes noteworthy. 

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