US ready to partner with India in energy sector: John Kerry, US Special Envoy for Climate

climate change policy, joe biden, india partnership, john kerry, narendra modiWashington – John Kerry, the US-appointed special presidential envoy for climate, stated, ‘India has set its sights on generating 450 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030. But India does not have the funds and technology needed to achieve this goal. For this, India needs the United States’ assistance, and the United States is willing to partner with India on this front. But for that, India is expected to make some changes at the domestic level.’


John Kerry was speaking at a hearing before the US House Foreign Affairs Committee. India‘s energy demand is set to grow exponentially. Moreover, it is increasingly dependent on coal and other alternatives for energy. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that since this was not an environmentally friendly option, India would generate energy using ecologically friendly alternatives. India will increase its renewable energy generation capacity to 450 gigawatts by 2030, Prime Minister Modi had claimed. John Kerry testified this at the hearing.

India does not have enough funds and technology for this. India will have to seek the help of the United States, Kerry claimed. According to Kerry, the United States is looking forward to it. But if the US wants investment in the sector and US technology, India will have to make some changes at the domestic level, Kerry said. He stated that India needs to reduce its carbon emissions. But Kerry criticised China for being the world’s largest emitter of carbon. Kerry also criticised China for failing to respond to efforts by the United States and other countries to reduce carbon emissions.

climate change policy, joe biden, india partnership, john kerry, narendra modi

Earlier, reports were emerging that US companies were keen to supply energy to India. There were complaints received that American companies were not given the expected opportunities in India’s energy sector. The power companies had also tried to lobby and put pressure on India through the US administration. But India has not appreciated the US repression on this front. India is generating renewable energy on its own. India’s success on this front is a cause of concern for American companies.

In such a scenario, there are signs that the US is once again trying to pressurise India. This suggests that John Kerry’s proposal to India in this regard is both a signal of cooperation and a warning.

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