US is protecting the Kurdish terrorists, alleges Turkish President

Ankara: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused that if Turkey and United States are partners in NATO, then the US should cooperate with Turkey, in the counter-terrorism operations. But instead, the United States is protecting the Kurdish terrorists, who are attacking the innocent Turkish population. At the same time, Turkey also issued a summons to the US Ambassador. Even during the Obama administration times, Turkey had accused the United States of being a supporter of terrorists in Iraq and Syria.


US is protecting the Kurdish terrorists, alleges Turkish PresidentLast week, 13 Turkish people were killed in a terror attack in Iraq. Turkey alleged that this attack was carried out by the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), declared as a terrorist outfit by Turkey. Before this, the Turkish military killed 48 members of the PKK in operation undertaken in the Iraq and Syria borders. Turkey claimed that PKK killed the Turkish citizens to avenge the action. But PKK said that those killed are not civilians and they are policemen, Turkish soldiers and spies.

A reaction had been received from the United States regarding this massacre. US State Department had said that if the reports of the PKK killing Turkish civilians are true, the United States denounces the attack in strong words. But Turkish President Erdogan expressed annoyance over the US reaction. President Erdogan lashed out that the United States is fooling Turkey, using the language of ifs and buts.

Turkish President reprimanded the United States in frank words that if the United States and Turkey are together in NATO and the association has to be continued, the United States has to be honest with Turkey. The reaction of the US state department is just a sham. Erdogan accused that the United States is supporting the Kurdish terrorists. Erdogan said that Turkey will not remain quiet after this attack on its citizens.

US is protecting the Kurdish terrorists, alleges Turkish PresidentThe Turkish President announced that henceforth, Turkey will enter into Iraq and Syria and carry out actions against the terrorists. President Erdogan threatened the United States, saying that the other countries should choose between Turkey and the terrorists. Other Turkish leaders also have started speaking the language of taking revenge against the Kurds. They also criticised that the western countries have remained tight-lipped in the matter of the attack.

Turkey has declared PKK, an aggressive Kurdish organisation, as a terrorist organisation. Turkey also initiated an action against the organisation, saying that this organisation is a threat to its integrity. The United States and the European Union also had accepted PKK as a terrorist organisation. But the United States has military cooperation with the Kurdish organisations in Iraq and Syria. The United States supports the autonomous Kurdistan established by the Kurdish people in Iraq. Whereas, the United States had taken the Kurds in their fold, during the action against terrorism, in Syria.

Turkey expressed annoyance at the US stand. Erdogan had accused that the United States is taking help of a terrorist organisation to counter terrorism. The relations between the United States and Turkey had strained due to the stand taken by Barack Obama when he was the President. A similar situation seems to be developing even during the Biden administration.

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