US President Biden more dangerous than Taliban criticises former British military officer

London – ‘US President Biden is more dangerous to the West than the Taliban. Biden has betrayed the West and I have no doubt about that,’ said Trevor Coult, a former British military officer, while criticising the US President on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. A few days ago, British Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, had said that the United States was no longer a world power after the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Joe Biden, Taliban, America could meet its Waterloo, Trevor Coult, Britain, AfghanistanRetired Special Operations Staff Sergeant Trevor Coult has served in the Army for more than two decades. These include the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia. Coult has been awarded the highest British military award, the Military Cross. Coult was also honoured by former US President George W. Bush. Coult has also written a book on the war in Afghanistan. In an interview with the Washington Examiner website, Coult lashed out at Biden.

‘The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by US President Biden is shocking. He wasted 20 years of war. Six and a half thousand Americans were killed, including about three thousand at the Twin Towers, and nothing came of it. Biden ended the 20-year struggle in less than 24 hours,’ said Coult.

While criticising Biden and the US, Coult said that President Biden is the most incompetent President in US history. Biden befriended terrorists. The US White House is no longer a friend of the West. As long as Biden is President, the West is in danger. He also claimed that he had discussed the withdrawal from Afghanistan with several British officials, questioning Biden’s decision-making ability.

Joe Biden, Taliban, America could meet its Waterloo, Trevor Coult, Britain, AfghanistanCoult also hinted that the possibility of further military cooperation between the western countries and the United States could be ruled out. Coult said no one knows what Biden will exactly do and targeted Biden’s leadership ability and asked that if someone turns his back on you, why would you help him?

Criticism of President Biden and his administration has intensified since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Britain and other NATO members have already expressed outrage over the US withdrawal. Biden is now being criticised by former military officials from various countries who have fought in Afghanistan, and Coult’s resentment appears to be part of that.

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