US imposes sanctions on Russian and Chinese companies that assist Iran

Russian and Chinese companiesWashington – The United States has imposed sanctions against Russian and Chinese companies for supplying sensitive technology, to the Iranian missile program. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo gave information regarding this on Friday. This is the second instance of imposing sanctions against Iran, in the last 10 days. In the last week, sanctions were imposed against Mostazafan Foundation linked to Iranian supremo Ayatollah Khamenei, 160 affiliate companies and Iranian intelligence agency chief Mahmood Alawi.   


Russian and Chinese companies

Secretary of State, Pompeo informed that the sanctions are being imposed saying ‘Sanctions are being imposed against 4 Russian and Chinese companies assisting the Iranian missile program. These sanctions will be imposed under the Iran, North Korea and Syria Non-Proliferation Act. These include Chinese companies Chengdu New Materials and Zibo Elim Trade Company and Nilco Group, and Santers Holding and Joint Stock Company Elecon from Russia. These companies have supplied sensitive technologies and necessary materials to the Iranian missile program. Pompeo warned that the United States was taking this action to stop the dangerous Iranian plans.  

Secretary of State, Pompeo reminded that Iran is progressing rapidly in the missile development processes and the other countries of the world also need to be cautious regarding this. He also issued a warning that the United States will act in its full capacity to stop Iranian activities that develop missiles. Elliot Abrams, appointed special envoy for Iran, by the United States, while justifying the new sanctions claimed that the spate of sanctions will continue for the next two months.   

Russian and Chinese companies

Joe Biden will take over as the new President of the United States, in January. Biden had indicated to soften the sanctions against Iran and revive the Iran nuclear deal. Iran also had said that under the leadership of Biden, the United States would once again sign the nuclear deal. Against this background, the Trump administration has started a spate of imposing sanctions against Iran. This action can create major hurdles in Biden’s efforts to normalise the relations of the United States with Iran.  

Following the decision taken by President Trump; in 2018, the United States walked out of the nuclear deal with Iran. After that, the Trump administration imposed harsh sanctions against Iran and this has crippled the Iranian economy. Iran has repeatedly confessed to this fact. At the same time, Iran had also warned that the Iranian nuclear program would continue despite any sanctions imposed by the United States. 

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