US exits WHO

Washington: The United States has exited from the World Health Organisation (WHO), accusing it of consistently siding China, on the Coronavirus pandemic issue. US President Donald Trump has sent a letter to that effect to the United Nations and the US Congress. This is considered to be a major jolt for the WHO, along with China, as the United States is the largest funding contributor of the WHO.


US exits WHOIt was announced on Tuesday that President Trump had issued a letter, regarding leaving the WHO, to the United Nations and the US Congress. As per the provisions governing the WHO, it is mandatory to give a year’s notice in writing if any country wishes to exit from the organisation. The UN spokesperson informed that as per the requirement of the provision, the United States had submitted the letter and the United States will cease to be a member of the WHO in July 2021. The US Congress also has confirmed the receipt of the letter, and the opposition has criticised that the United States will be isolated in the fight against Coronavirus.

Following the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the world which originated from China, US President Trump started targeting the WHO along with China. President Trump lashed out at the WHO by saying that it was expected of the WHO to send its observers to Wuhan, following the outbreak of Coronavirus in that city. But instead, the WHO was busy in assisting China to keep the information regarding the epidemic under wraps. Therefore, the outbreak, which could have been contained in one region in China, transformed into a pandemic, and the entire world is paying dearly for it. All this has happened because of the irresponsible behaviour of the WHO.

US exits WHOIn the month of April, President Trump announced the withdrawal of WHO funding. President Trump jolted the WHO by saying that the United States wants to use the USD 400 to 500 million, that were contributed to the WHO, in a better way and therefore, the US officials have been instructed to stop the funding provided to WHO.

Thereafter, President Trump demanded reforms in the WHO and threatened that the United States would exit if improvements were not implemented. Trump seems to have realised the threat by sending the letter to the United Nations. Nearly 15% to 20% of the total funding received by the WHO comes from the United States alone. Experts have expressed fears that following the exit of the United States from the WHO, this funding will not be available and can severely affect the functioning of the WHO.

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