All the US cities within the range of China

Beijing: Chinese military analysts have threatened that ‘China has tested a hypersonic missile with capacity to attack any city in the US and destroy the nuclear projects in India and military bases in Japan’. This threat raised by the Chinese military analysts targeted at India, Japan and the United States two months after the hypersonic missile test, is considered to be a serious one. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China had conducted two tests of the Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) “Dongfeng-17” in last November. The first test was done on November 1 followed by another two weeks later. Both the tests have been successful and “Dongfeng-17” shall be ready to be deployed in the Chinese military forces from the year 2020, as per sources from the American intelligence agency.


US, china, missaile, north koreaThis HGV tested by China has the capacity to carry intercontinental ballistic missile. This claim has been made by “Song Zhongping”, a retired Chinese military official working as military analyst in a HongKong news channel. If “Dongfeng-41”, a missile with a range of 12500 kilometers, carried by HGV and projected, can target any of the US cities in the next one hour, warned Zhongping.

While Macau-based military researcher Antony Wong Dong has stated that HGV can also destroy “Thaad”, the American anti-missile system deployed in South Korea and other regions that poses a threat to Chinese security. “If a war between China and US does erupt, China would first destroy the Thaad. If Thaad is destroyed, the United States shall find it difficult to track the intercontinental missiles of China and thus shall not be able to destroy them,” claimed Dong.

After the successful testing of “Dongfeng-17”, China has joined Russia and the United States, in the list of HGV technology owners, announced Beijing-based military analyst, Zhou Chengming.

“HGV-equipped missiles can prove to be much more difficult to intercept in comparison with the conventional ballistic missiles. India, Japan and the US need to be alert to this HGV technology of China. Because HGV can attack the Indian nuclear projects and Japanese military bases with greater speed and precision,” threatened Chenming.

As per the information from the American intelligence agency, China has twice tested this missile that travels at a rate of 12385 thousand kilometer per hour. It is claimed that the Chinese “Dongfeng-17” is a rocket-projected missile that can change directions as required.

Chinese analysts claim that compared to the other ballistic missiles in the Chinese fleet, the “HGV” is a lot faster, travels at a much lower height from sea-level, making it undetectable to radar. The analysts also believe that enemy radar systems will find it difficult to trace this missile and plan a counter-attack.

In the meanwhile, US President Donald Trump had blamed China last week of being incapable to stop the offensive missile tests conducted by North Korea. The United States also alleged that China continues to support North Korea thus violating the norms laid down by the UN. It is evident that Chinese military analysts have revealed this information about development of the hypersonic missiles as a threat to the US after the allegations made by the US President.

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