Following the USS Lincoln, advanced US warships along with Patriot Missiles and B-52 bombers leave for Iran

Third World WarWashington: Following despatch of the large aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf a few days ago, the United States, has begun preparations for a confrontation with Iran. The United States has despatched an advanced US warship along with Patriot Missiles and B-52 bombers to the Middle East. US National Security Advisor John Bolton had already made it clear that the increased deployment was meant to be a warning to Iran.


Patriot Missiles, bombers, us, iranAlthough the United States has imposed harsh sanctions against Iran, in order to bring its oil exports to be nought, Iran has been taking aggressive steps to dismantle the sanctions. Yadollah Javani, a senior commander in Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said that the US would not dare to launch military action against Iran. At the same time, the United States had warned that Iran might target the commercial freight carriers passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

Reportedly, the Iranian naval movement in the Persian Gulf has considerably increased where it has come to light that Iran is trying to illegally sell oil in the black market. Taking this background into account, the movements of the United States indicate that it has started preparations for a direct conflict with Iran. Furthermore, USS Abraham Lincoln, the gigantic US aircraft carrier has crossed the Suez Canal, and at the same time, four nuclear-capable B-52 bombers have reached the US airbase in Qatar.

Patriot Missiles, bombers, us, iranAfter this, the United States has sent one more advanced warship to the Middle East. USS Arlington is a warship in the Amphibious Ship category which carries armed vehicles and fighter jets. The US Defence Department informed that the warship is specialized in ‘Special Operations’ and ‘Warfare Missions’ and capable of discharging the duties of ‘Command and Control Centre.’

Along with USS Arlington, the Patriot Missile defence system, known to be one of the advanced air defence systems, from the United States, has been dispatched to the Middle East. This air defence system is capable of targeting advanced fighter jets along with cruise and ballistic missiles. The US deployments are believed to be a part of the aggressive strategies adopted by the United States to intensify the economic, political and military pressure on Iran.

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