Iran’s plan to attack Israel’s major cities fails, claims Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet

Jerusalem: The plan to launch suicide attacks on major cities of Israel has failed, declared Israel’s internal intelligence agency, ‘Shin Bet’. Three terrorists have been arrested in connection with the failed plot, amongst whom one has confessed to be part of the crime, declared ‘Shin Bet’.


itan, iraq, terroristInformation about Iran‘s ‘terror cell’ being functional in the Hebron area of the West Bank was received. On the basis of this information, the three terrorists were arrested, stated concerned Israeli agencies. During the action details about contacts in Iran and some information related to South Africa has been seized, claim intelligence officials.

These terrorists were getting orders from Iran, routed through South Africa. This ‘terror cell’ was functional since last two years. Israeli agencies have claimed to have taken action in the month of November to destroy the ‘terror cell’. The terrorists were paid $8000 each, for attacks in Israel, informed Shin Bet. The Israeli intelligence agency further added that to gather information on Israel these terrorists had set up a computer store in Hebron city.


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