With losses in Syria & Iraq, ISIS may launch attacks in Europe: IHS Sr Analyst, Columb Strack

Washington (Agencies) – ISIS in Iraq and Syria has suffered a lot and it’s reported that ISIS has lost about 25% of the occupation due to the strong action of US and allied countries. This has increased the chances of a terror attack in Europe by pressured ISIS terrorists. US intelligence has warned that the chances of attack at the crowded places in Europe cannot be ruled out.


Syria & Iraq, ISIS may launch attacks in Europe

Information Handling Service (IHS) study group has prepared a report on impact of ISIS. This study group who keep watch on terror organizations in Arab world, has recently published report on ISIS activities over last 18 months. Since last year, the impact of ISIS has reduced in Iraq and Syria. Till January 2015, about 90,000 sq. km. area of Iraq and Syria was under ISIS’s control, which included important places in both nations. As mentioned by IHS, in the last 18 months, ISIS has lost major part of the occupied land. This study group has also mentioned that ISIS lost around 22,000 sq. km. of land. The report of IHS also reflects the fact that this happened due to the action of Russia, Kurd militias and US alliances.

IHS senior analyst, Columb Strack, warned that this ruthless terrorist organization won’t step back easily and because of these losses in Iraq and Syria, they might attack again and can target Iraq and Syria’s security installations. He also warned that ISIS can strike at the public places in Europe. By giving an example of the Iraqi forces, Strack reminded that how the Iraqi forces took control of Fallujah and made ISIS run for their life. Soon after this, on 2nd July, suicide car bomb blast in Baghdad claimed more than 220 lives. Syria’s Aleppo is also under continuous rocket attacks. “Though, ISIS has lost most of the occupied land in Iraq and Syria but their attacks won’t stop”, quoted Strack. Senior officers from European Union and NATO also confirmed warning by IHS analyst. NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, Dr. Jamie Shea revealed some important information on this. He said that very soon ISIS would be divided in three parts in Iraq, Syria and Europe.

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