Tensions may escalate as Turkey accuses Greek fighter jets of warning Turkish ship

Ankara/Athens: – Turkey, which was inciting Greece by sending warships in the Greek marine region, has started making a fuss that Greece is inciting it. Turkey accused F-16 fighter jets from the Greek air force of flying close to a Turkish ship deployed in the Aegean Sea region and used flares. Indications of tension festering between the two countries are being received with this fresh Turkish accusation.   

International surveys and reports have revealed that there are huge fuel reserves in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey has started activities to gain control over most of this region. Turkey is claiming rights over the region inside Greece and Cyprus’s limits in the Mediterranean Sea region. To strengthen the claim, Turkey even signed an agreement with Libya regarding marine limits.   

Last year, Turkey issued a NAVTEX alert and deployed its research ship Oruc Reis and two other ships for exploration in the region. After that, Turkey has consistently tried to incite by sending its ships for oil exploration near the Greek marine limits. Turkey also held war exercises in this region to establish its dominance. This has brought the dispute regarding the marine limits in the Mediterranean Sea on the anvil and most countries are supporting Greece in this matter. Greece has repeatedly expressed displeasure over the Turkish actions and has presented its stand aggressively on the platforms like NATO and the European Union. At the same time, Greece has decided to increase its level of defence preparedness to give a fitting reply to Turkey. Greece has also made it clear that its actions are not for incitement, expressing willingness for talks with Turkey. Against this background, the Turkish fuss against Greece attracts attention.  

As per the Turkish accusation, Greek F-16 fighter jets flew close to its ship TCG Sesame, deployed in the Aegean Sea near the Lemnos Island. Turkey claimed that the fighter jets even used flares, used for dodging missiles, during the flight. Turkish Defence Minister, Hulusi Akar, said that this is intentional harassment and Turkey has retaliated against it. The Greek defence department has dismissed the Turkish claims. Greece also clarified that the Greek fighter jets are currently not active in this region.  

In the past, incidents of Turkish ships, warships and airplanes intruding into the Greek limits have been reported repeatedly. But now, the reverse fuss started by Turkey is surprising. Analysts claim that this Turkish action could be an attempt to save itself from the rebound of the acts of aggression and incitement carried out in the past. But the indications are that the tension could fester with this. 

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