Firebombs and teargas attacks on the Greek border from Turkey, Greece acts against illegal immigrants

Third World WarAthens: Turkey has initiated aggressive actions, to thrust the illegal immigrants, knocking at the Greek border, into Europe. Greece accused the Turkish soldiers of launching firebomb and teargas attacks on the Greek border. Greece informed that a special operation has been initiated at the border, to bust these attacks. But Greece also expressed a concern that illegal immigrants may succeed in entering Greece because of these Turkish attacks.

Tension is prevailing at the Greece-Turkey border, since the last three weeks. Greece has clearly refused to take in any immigrants, citing the security reasons. Saying that if the immigrants want asylum, they should use the door, not try to sneak in through the windows, Greece has warned that immigrants will not be allowed to intrude illegally. The European countries have supported the Greek stand. At the same time, the European countries had even issued warnings to Turkey, who is trying to push immigrants into Europe.

Firebombs and teargas attacks on the Greece border from Turkey, Greece acts against illegal immigrantsThis has did not affect the Turkish stand. Turkey is continuing to push the immigrants to the Greek border. There are nearly 50,000 immigrants gathered at the Greek border. To stop these immigrants from entering illegally, Greece has increased police patrolling on the border. But since the last few days firebomb and teargas attacks have started on the Greek border. Greece has accused that these attacks are being launched by the immigrants and also from inside Turkey.

Soldiers of the Turkish border security are launching these attacks from behind the immigrants. Whereas, some photographs of the immigrants launching teargas attacks on the Greek border also have been published. Greece has accused that Turkey is encouraging immigrants to intrude into Greece, with these attacks. At the same time, Greece has installed huge fans, at the border to bust the teargas attacks. Greek security agencies are trying to neutralise the teargas attacks, using these fans.

Greece has also initiated action against the immigrants who have managed to enter the country. 450 immigrants who have come to Greece by the sea route, have been kept in an independent centre. Greece informed that these immigrants will soon be deported to their homelands. At the same time, the immigrants sent by Turkey has only 4% displaced Syrian citizens and the rest are from Africa and other Asian countries.

Infuriated by the Greek action, Turkey has been firing salvos of criticism at Greece. Hami Aksoy, spokesman of the Turkish foreign ministry accused that Greece is taking inhuman actions against the immigrants. Turkey even claimed to have proofs of these actions by Greece. But Greece has said that no action is being taken against the immigrants.

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