US continues spate of harsh decisions to counter China; 4 leading Chinese firms blacklisted

Washington/Beijing: The United States has started a spate of decisions to stop the Chinese activities for global domination. Two days ago, the United States imposed restrictions on the visas to be issued to the members of the communist party of China. Thereafter, the US defence department announced that four Chinese companies have been blacklisted. The United States also announced that the exchange programs with China have been closed.

President Donald Trump, who started an aggressive trade war against China three years ago, has intensified the conflict against this country further. Trump initiated a campaign to expose the Chinese activities blaming China of being responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. Under this campaign, he took a series of aggressive decisions to counter the increasing Chinese threat. These include decisions in the economy, trade, investment and technology sectors, along with the issue of Taiwan, a sensitive one for China. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, a few days ago, clearly warned that the campaign against China is still not over and it will continue till the very end. The decisions taken by the Trump administration endorse the statement. On Thursday, the US defence department announced the blacklisting of four leading Chinese companies. These include the leading Chinese technology company, SMIC. Moreover, along with the leading oil sector company CNOOC, China Construction Technology, and China International Engineering Consulting Corporation also have been included in the blacklist.

Trump administration continues spate of harsh decisions to stop China, four leading Chinese companies blacklistedThe US defence department accused that all these four companies have links with the Chinese military. After the Thursday action, the number of Chinese companies in the US blacklist increased to 35. A severe Chinese reaction was received on the US action. Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying accused, ‘The United States should stop the misuse of national security and the rights linked to it. These US decisions are against the laws of competition in the global markets, and these are demotivating foreign companies.’ SMIC company also expressed regret over the decision of the US defence department.

China has also criticised the action against the Chinese communist party, along with the blacklisting of the Chinese companies. The Chinese foreign ministry criticised that the reduction in the period of visas issued to the Chinese communist party members is a part of the political oppression perpetrated by the United States. Another accusation made was that these unilateral decisions are being taken by the anti-China groups in the United States with a biased approach and cold war mentality. The United States has reduced the validity of the visas issued to the communist party members and their family members from 10 years directly to one month. The US agencies claimed that the Chinese communist party members come to the United States for espionage and to spread the party ideology.

Meanwhile, five exchange programs being held between the United States and China have also been stopped. The US state department announced the decision regarding this. The foreign ministry statement said that China is using these programs only to increase its influence.

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