Threat on LAC in Ladakh averted but not over: Army Chief General Naravane

New Delhi: Chief of Army Staff, General Manoj Mukund Naravane emphasized tnat the tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh has not been diffused completely. It cannot be claimed that ‘all is well,’ unless the Indian and Chinese militaries retract to the April 2020 positions. But General Naravane reassured the country, saying that not an inch of Indian territory is under Chinese control. At the same time, the Army Chief also pointed out that China is making repeated attempts to reconfigure the borders, unilaterally, with actions like intrusion with more than 200 ships, into a small country’s marine borders Philippines. General Naravane has delivered a clear message through this that China cannot be trusted.

Threat on LAC in Ladakh averted but not over: Army Chief General NaravaneWhile speaking at a function organized by a private channel, General Naravane shared some important information regarding the LAC situation in Ladakh and the India-China border dispute. The tension on the LAC in Ladakh has definitely reduced. The process of military withdrawal from this region has started, but it is still incomplete. Until both the militaries do not retreat to their respective positions in April 2020, it cannot be claimed that the tension in this region has been diffused completely. The Army Chief warned that although the threat has been averted, it is not over. The Army Chief clarified that India is speaking to China on the military and diplomatic level and India is making this demand persistently during these talks.

Despite this, the Army Chief emphasized that no Indian territory is under Chinese control. But General Naravane pointed out that the border with China is not clearly demarcated, and therefore, there is a lot of ambiguity regarding the border. At the same time, General Naravane delivered a message that China cannot be trusted. China has intruded into the Philippines marine region, sending 200 ships. The Chinese attempt is to flatten such countries, of very small size compared to itself, with such intrusions.

This Chinese policy of changing the border configuration unilaterally will not be acceptable to any country with self-respect. Army Chief General Naravane made a suggestive statement that all the countries realized the threat posed by the aggressive Chinese activities and started uniting against it. But the Army Chief gave a verdict that the QUAD cooperation between India, the United States, Japan, and Australia, is not against China or any other country.

Meanwhile, saying that peace is prevailing on the Line of Control in Jammu-Kashmir and the firing has stopped, General Naravane welcomed the development. General Naravane said that although the firing has stopped, Pakistan has maintained the terrorist bases near the LOC and international border. Pakistan is currently in a dangerous condition. Pakistan is grappled with the fear of Financial Action Task Force action. At the same time, Pakistan is facing major challenges internally as well. The Army Chief frankly opined that this is why Pakistan was forced to open a dialogue with India.

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