Russia tests anti-ballistic missile interceptor

Moscow: – The Russian Aerospace Force tested the new interceptor missile of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) system. The Russian defence ministry informed that this missile, capable of a speed of 3 kilometres per second, can easily destroy ballistic missiles of the enemy. The missile was tested at the Sary Shagan base in Kazakhstan. The Russian media is claiming that this missile, under the Russian Aerospace Force, will be used to intercept attacks originating from space.   

As per the information given by Colonel Sergei Grabchuk, Chief of the Defence Formation Department, the new interceptor was successful in the precision and speed criteria in the Russian Aerospace Force. The interceptor neutralised the designated airborne target with accuracy. Colonel Grabchuk had said while speaking to a newspaper linked to the Russian military that this interceptor missile will increase the ABM capabilities of Russia. Colonel Grabchuk said that the interceptor travels at three times the speed of a bullet fired from the Kalashnikov rifle.    

The British media made varied claims on this Russian test of the interceptor missile. It claimed that Russia tested this missile to destroy the space missiles of the United States. As per the media, this interceptor has created a threat to the US interests in space. The United States has not reacted to the Russian test.   

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