G7 countries lash out at China over Taiwan, Hongkong and Xinjiang

London/Beijing: – The G7 countries blamed China for the human rights violations in Tibet, Hongkong and Xinjiang and the tension created in the Taiwanese region. The G7 countries warned that there would be intense opposition from the international level for any Chinese action to take over Taiwan. A fierce reaction has also been received from China over the statement issued by the G7 countries. The Chinese foreign ministry accused that the G7 countries are interfering in internal Chinese matters by making baseless accusations against China.   


The G7 meeting of the industrial nations, being held in London, lashed out at China. The G7 criticised that China is not following the international regulations. To substantiate this, the Foreign Ministers of the G7 countries raised the issues of human rights violations in Tibet, Hongkong and Xinjiang. G7 accused China of trampling the Uyghurs’ human rights in the Xinjiang province by dumping them into torture camps.   

The aggressive Chinese activities in the South and the East China Sea were also raised during the meeting. An appeal was made in the London meeting. G7 is very concerned regarding the developments in the South and East China Sea. Peace prevailing in this sector and the Taiwanese Strait is vital for the stability of the sector. The G7 countries stressed more on the Taiwan issue.   

The G7 countries lashed out that the unilateral Chinese military movements in the Taiwanese Strait are increasing the tension in the region, threatening stability. Militarisation of the sector and the terrorising atmosphere are against the international regulations.’ China has given an angry reaction to the statements.   

Wang Wenbin, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, said that there is no basis for the accusations levelled by the G7 countries. Wenbin accused that the G7 countries have interfered in the internal Chinese matter by criticising China on the Taiwan issue. Wenbin retorted that the G7 countries should prioritise bringing the international economy back on track and the fight against Coronavirus instead of interfering in the internal Chinese matters.   

Meanwhile, China has increased patrolling with fighter jets and bombers in the Taiwanese airspace since the last few days. 

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