Syrian human rights organisation informed that Russian fighter jets carried out 170 airstrikes in Syria

Damascus: – In the last 72 hours, Russian fighter jets carried out more than 170 airstrikes in Syria. 12 IS terrorists and 19 Syrian soldiers were killed in these attacks. Syrian human rights organisation has published this information. Neither Syria nor Russia has given any information regarding this.   


Russia-syriaAs per the information posted on the website of the United Kingdom-based Syrian human rights organisation, Russian fighter jets are carrying out airstrikes for three successive days. The Syrian Army has undertaken a military campaign against the IS terrorists. Whereas, the Russian fighter jets are providing them with air support. In the last 24 hours, Russian fighter jets carried out 40 airstrikes. Whereas, Russian fighter jets carried out strikes on more than 170 locations, in the last three days.   

This action was executed at Atharia, in the Hama province to the east, Al-Saraf in the Rakka province and Al-Sukhanah in Homs province. Moreover, the National Defence Forces formed by President Assad and other gangs’ supporters are also fighting, along with the Syrian Army, against the IS. The human rights organisation informed that 19 soldiers of President Assad’s forces were killed in this conflict, going on since the last three days, whereas, 12 IS terrorists were killed in the Russian airstrikes and actions by the Syrian Army.   

It is claimed that Seven soldiers were killed in the attack launched by the IS terrorists in the Deir Al-Zor province in eastern Syria. A daily in the Gulf carried this report. The Assad regime and military has not reacted in this matter. It is claimed that the terrorist organisation IS, involved in terrorist activities around the globe, is once again gaining strength in Syria. A year ago, existing US President Donald Trump had announced that the influence of IS was finished in Syria. At the same time, he announced the decision to withdraw US military from Syria. It was being said that the IS activities had stopped after the US action. But looking at the reports received from Syria over the last ten days, IS is raising its head again in Syria.   

40 Syrian soldiers had been killed in an attack launched by the IS terrorists on a bus carrying the soldiers, in the Deir ez-Zor province in eastern Syria, in the last week. IS terrorists accepted the responsibility of the attack. The security agencies of both Iraq and Syria were on alert as the attack was carried out near the border between the two countries.   

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