7 killed in the Junta regime action in Myanmar  

Junta regim

Yangon: – Myanmar military opened fire at the gathering and killed seven protesters. This raises the number of casualties in the protests, which entered the fourth month to 776. Groups from Myanmar have appealed for a Spring Revolution worldwide to intensify the protests against the Junta regime. Under this, protests were organised in support of democracy in Myanmar, in New York in the United States and Sydney in Australia.   

On 1st February, the military arrested Aung San Syu Ki and other leaders from the democratic government and assumed power. On Saturday, three months got completed for the protests demanding the release of the leaders and democracy in Myanmar. The democratic groups in the country have united for the cause. They have announced to take this agitation to the international level and have also declared Spring Revolution for it. Myanmar leaders have appealed to rock the world through this Spring Revolution.   

Junta regim

On Sunday, the Myanmar protesters defied the curfew orders imposed by the Myanmar military and held huge protests in various cities like Yangon, Velvet, Shan and Hpakant. The military detained a woman for posting an appeal on social media. Locals are accusing the military of abducting five women. Even in the past, the military had arrested the young men and women, leading the protests. Reports of atrocities against some of these people have also been received.   

Junta regim

The Spring Revolution announced by the Myanmar groups is receiving an encouraging response at the international level. More than 150 people gathered at the famous Times Square, New York, to demand re-establishing democracy in Myanmar. Similar protests were seen even in Sydney, Australia. Australian citizens also participated in the protests along with the people of Myanmar origin.   

The situation in Myanmar is becoming more and more difficult. The local leaders and civilians are criticising that the military is acting like terrorists. Whereas the armed groups in Myanmar also have aligned against the military. Some new armed groups are being formed in certain parts of the country, and posters showing the military officials as ‘Wanted’ are being put up in the streets. Reports are also being received that the armed groups have initiated attacks on the military bases. Therefore, the protests in Myanmar are heading to a civil war.   

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