Scope for Indo-US naval cooperation widens, an Indian representative to be deployed at US Naval base in Bahrain

third world war, india, us, baharainNew Delhi/Washington: The navies of India and United States share interest, emphasised the US Naval Chief John Richardson. Richardson made this statement during his meeting with the Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba. One more report has been published in the meantime, stating that the cooperation between the Indian and the US navies has become stronger. The United States has its most important naval base at the Bahrain port in the Gulf. A representative of the Indian defence forces will be stationed at this port. Information is received that there will be an Indian military representative in the ‘Defence Innovation Unit Experimental’ as well.


Indo-US-naval-cooperationIndian Defence Secretary, Sanjay Mitra had visited the US Defence Headquarter Pentagon only last week. It is said that these decisions were taken during his visit. The senior naval officials are expressing confidence that these decisions will establish cooperation between the Indian and the US navies like never before. Moreover, this cooperation between the Indian and the US Navies will be decisive in view of the rising aggressive activities of the Chinese Navy in the Gulf, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean regions.

The base in Bahrain is considered to be the biggest US naval base in the Gulf. The Fifth Fleet of the US Navy is stationed here and the coordination of the naval campaigns in the Arabian Sea, Persian and Omania Gulf as well as the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden is handled from here. The campaigns in Afghanistan and Pakistan also are controlled from here. This increases the importance of an Indian representative being posted at this port.

China is developing the Gwadar port in Pakistan. It is clear that China will use this port as its base. A few months ago, China had established a naval base even in Djibouti. The Indo-Pacific region extends from the Gulf to the US west coast. The aggressive Chinese activities will pose major challenges to the Indian as well as the US interests in the region. In view of this, India and United States are strengthening the naval cooperation.

India has signed an agreement with Oman with which the Duqm port in Oman has become available to the Indian Navy. Therefore, while China is trying to corner India, India seems to be taking speedy steps to thwart the Chinese efforts. India has signed a similar agreement with France and the French bases also will be available to India for its security. This point  is also considered to be a strong reply to the Chinese activities against India.

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