Only a prosperous, healthy and democratic India can halt China, claim US Senator and analyst

Washington: – US Senator John Cornyn stated that only a prosperous, strong and democratic India could crash China’s ambitious plans. Therefore, raising the Indian growth rate should be the prime focus of the US foreign policy. US analyst Walter Russell Mead advised that keeping India as a natural ally of the United States, in the cold war against China, becomes essential. The United States should make whatever changes necessary to the policy to achieve this. 


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The tension between the United States and China is at its peak over the Coronavirus pandemic, Chinese military action in Hong Kong, trade war, along with the South China Sea, Taiwan and Xinjiang issues. Senators and analysts are demanding that the United States should take some harsh steps against China, who used Coronavirus pandemic as a weapon. The analysts are underlining the fact that the United States desperately needs Indian cooperation to counter the ever-increasing Chinese influence in the world. Senator John Cornyn from the ruling Republican party and senior analyst Walter Russell Mead also have given the same advice to the Trump administration.

Senior analyst Walter Russell Mead has presented his stand in a US newspaper article by saying, in the times of cold war, the United States had provided financial backing to the democratic countries. Even today, the United States will have to follow the same policy and provide India with similar support. Raising the Indian growth rate should be the prime objective of the US foreign policy. According to Walter Russell Mead, professor at the Brad College and member of the study group in Hudson institute, the United Stated will need a significant contribution from India in the cold war against China.

Walter underlined that the rise in the Indian growth rate would be beneficial for the United States too. To achieve this, the United States will have to amend specific policies with the help of Indian officials and analysts. Walter said if these amendments are carried out to counter China, India will progress rapidly, and a peace-loving, prosperous and safe democratic world will be created. Senator John Cornyn underlined the importance of cooperation with India, quoting the article written by analyst Walter Russell Mead, which appeared in the US newspaper. Cornyn said in his social media post that only a prosperous, stable and democratic India could bust the Chinese ambitions.

The United States was looking at India as an enemy during the cold war with Russia. But after the cold war, the relations between India and the United States started to flourish. In current times, the United States is looking at India as an economic and strategic partner. Despite this, analysts in both countries are complaining that the relations between the two countries have not reached the expected level. But after Donald Trump became the President of the United States, he accelerated the cooperation, and it is already producing positive results. In this scenario, when the aggressiveness and irresponsibility of a powerful world power like China are increasing, the US lawmakers and analysts are demanding the strengthening of cooperation with India and making it more comprehensive. This is a positive sign not only for India and the United States but also to the entire world.

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