Saudi-UAE support India in the OIC, dump Pakistan

 Dubai: – Pakistan, accusing India of Islamophobia, has fallen flat on the face. The Pakistan plan for a malicious campaign against India during the conference of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), was foiled by the main members of the organisation. Prominent members, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) supported the Indian side. Before this, the Maldives, an Indian neighbour, supported India strongly during the conference.   


The Pakistani Ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, had accused ‘India is fuelling islamophobia. India is meting out atrocities in Jammu-Kashmir.’ Pakistan was planning to corner India in the OIC, with support from the Islamic countries. It has also been reported that analysts in the Arab countries were bribed for this purpose. Pakistan was planning to get a resolution passed in the OIC and use it as a weapon against India in the United Nations. But the Pakistan plan was busted in the OIC itself.  

At the outset, Maldives rejected the Pakistani claims. The Maldives said that India is the biggest democracy in the world with more than 200 million Muslims. The Maldives warned that levelling such accusations against India will threaten the communal harmony in the region. The Maldives also retorted that Pakistan should change its attitude towards India and start constructive work in collaboration with the regional countries. Saudi and UAE seem to have supported the Maldives stand, within only a few hours. Oman too has delivered a jolt to Pakistan saying that it will be wrong to interfere in the Internal matters of India.  

It was clarified in the OIC meeting that Malaysia, who had adopted and aggressive stand against India in support of Pakistan, has changed its stand. A few months ago, the trio of Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey had started an aggressive campaign against India. Malaysia even went to the extent of organising a parallel conference of Islamic countries, to challenge the OIC, dominated by Saudi and UAE. Thereafter, the Indian relations with Malaysia were strained. But now the government has changed in Malaysia and the new government is making the right moves to improve ties with India. Malaysia delivered one more positive message taking a stand-in India’s favour during the OIC.   

Meanwhile, UAE disillusioned Pakistan, taking the Indian side. Before this, some members of the UAE royal family had made a few statements against India. Blowing these out of proportion, the Pakistan media had claimed that UAE had taken a stand against India. The analysts in Pakistan were daydreaming that following the UAE, other Gulf countries will also go against India and millions of Indians working in the Gulf will have to return to India. But UAE broke the Pakistani dream by supporting India in the OIC. 

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