Promptness of Foreign Minister Swaraj an eye opener for Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister’s claims that they will teach India lessons, in caring for the minorities, have backfired. Two minor Hindu girls from the Sindh Province of Pakistan, have been abducted and forced to change their religion. Taking cognisance of this news, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj instructed the Pakistan high commissions to submit a detailed report of the incident. Upset with this, the Pakistan Information Minister criticised India. But the effects of this promptness shown by the Indian Foreign Minister are already visible, and the Pakistan Prime Minister himself has ordered an enquiry into the incident.


pakistan, sushma swaraj, sindhThe incidents proving that the state of religious minorities, in Pakistan are awful, and are surfacing consistently. But after Imran Khan took over as the Prime Minister, an assurance was given that the minorities will be safe in the country. Prime Minister Imran Khan passed comments against India and made statements like they will teach India, how to care for their minorities. But in reality, the situation seems to have festered in Pakistan, and there is a significant rise in complaints of atrocities, against minorities.

Two Hindu girls were abducted in the Sindh province, on the day of Holi. There are reports that both the girls are minors and they were forced to change their religion. Videos are showing that they were forcibly married, also are making rounds. This has created quite a stir in Pakistan. But the Pakistani agencies chose to ignore the incident. Such incidences have been reported even in the past. A Hindu member of parliament had complained that the government agencies are not willing to act in these matters.

But Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj took cognisance of the incident, in the Sindh province. She shocked Pakistan by asking the Pakistan High Commission to submit a report, about the incident. Taking note of this, Pakistan Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry criticised Swaraj. Fawad reprimanded the Indian Foreign Minister, to take care of her minorities, instead of bothering about the incidents in Pakistan. Foreign Minister Swaraj retorted that the statements of Fawad are only showing the guilt on his mind.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken cognisance of the orders issued by Sushma Swaraj. Imran Khan has warned that the administrations of Punjab and Sindh should jointly investigate the matter and look into it very seriously. There was no possibility of any orders from Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan if the Indian Foreign Minister had not taken an interest in the matter.

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