CIA Chief Gina Haspel reaches Turkey to discuss Khashoggi matter

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Istanbul/Riyadh: Turkish President, Recep Erdogan has alleged that the killing of Saudi journalist Khashoggi was a pre-planned act. He demanded that all those arrested by Saudi in this matter should be handed over to Turkey. Sources have informed that In view of the demand of the Turkish President, CIA chief, Gina Haspel has reached Turkey to gather the entire information about the matter. Meanwhile, US Secretary of Treasury, Steven Mnuchin has reached Saudi and as per reports he had a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

Chief-Gina-HaspelSaudi had recently accepted that Jamal Khashoggi, a leading Saudi journalist and column writer in the US media was killed in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. After this confession, the pressure on the Saudi government increased further. The European countries and Turkey have taken an aggressive stance in the matter and the US media and some other groups are talking about taking the Saudi government to task over this issue.

Against this background, Turkish President, Recep Erdogan fired a salvo of criticism at the Saudi government, in the Parliament. He made a sensational accusation that the killing was a pre-meditated murder. ‘Three Saudi officials entered Turkey, one day before the Khashoggi killing. 15 Saudi officials came to the embassy in Istanbul the next day. Turkey needs to know the answers as to who were they? And why had they come? And who were they receiving orders from?’ demanded Erdogan.

Khashoggi-matterAll those involved in the Khashoggi killing must be punished and all those arrested by Saudi must be handed over to Turkey, warned the Turkish President. The surveillance system in the Saudi embassy had been disabled that day. He also alleged that the Saudi unit had removed the hard disk from the system. At the same time, Erdogan also said that this was a political killing.

The pressure on the Saudi government seems to have increased because of the statements of the Turkish President in the Parliament. The language in the statement issued by the Saudi government regarding the death of Khashoggi has also been softened. Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel Al Jubeir has confessed that the Khashoggi killing was a blunder. The Saudi royal family has contacted the Khashoggi family and expressed their deepest condolences.

Meanwhile, there are efforts to pressurise US President Trump over the Khashoggi matter. Trump is taking very rapid steps in the matter and has despatched CIA Chief Gina Haspel to Turkey. It is said that Gina Haspel will investigate the matter in details.  At the same time, US Secretary of Treasury, Steven Mnuchin has reached Saudi and met the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Amid the raging controversy over the Khashoggi killing, sources report that the international investor conference has begun in Saudi.

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