Russia supports India

New Delhi: Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar criticised ‘There is no other country in the world like Pakistan, using terrorism as a weapon.’ Jaishankar, on a visit to Russia, castigated Pakistan during his speech, in front of a study group. At the same time, the Russian Ambassador to India said that the decision regarding Kashmir is an internal matter of India. Russian Ambassador Nikolay Kudashev declared Russian support to India, saying that Russia respects this Indian decision.

Russia supports IndiaIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Russia in the next week. Before the Prime Minister’s visit, Foreign Minister Jaishankar visited Russia and met the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that there have been many upheavals in the world, in the last four decades, but the Indo-Russian relations have remained unaffected. Foreign Minister Jaishankar asserted that the Indo-Russian ties would continue to be unaffected, even in the future. One of the Russian study groups had organised a speech by Jaishankar during this visit. Jaishankar severely criticised the Pakistani terrorist policies during the speech.

Foreign Minister Jaishankar criticised ‘Terrorism is the national policy of Pakistan. Pakistan is obstructing the development of communication, in the countries in the region, and the very mentality of Pakistan is destructive.’ The Indian Foreign Minister blamed Pakistan of blocking India-Afghanistan trade. Meanwhile, the Russian Ambassador to India declared Russian support to the Indian decision on Kashmir.

The Russian Ambassador further added that the solution for the Kashmir problem can be found remaining in the framework, of the Shimla agreement or the Lahore declaration.

Even before this, Russia had clarified its position saying that Kashmir is a bilateral issue. Some analysts in Pakistan were expressing a possibility that given the support from mighty China, Russia, who has close relations with China, may also support Pakistan, over the Kashmir issue. But Russia has delivered a clear message that the ties with India are important, by taking a clear stand on the issue. Russian Ambassador clarified that this is an internal matter for India and Russia respects the decision taken by India.

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