Russia deploys army in Golan to counter Israeli attacks

Beirut: – Russia will be retaliating against the Israeli attacks in the Golan region. As per reports, Russia has made deployments in this region for this purpose. Israeli and Arab media reported this quoting a Russian news agency. Israel had launched attacks in this region saying that the Iranian and Hezbollah soldiers are making dangerous movements in this region. Russian and Syrian militaries are carrying out joint patrolling in the Quneitra area in the Golan region of Syria, near the Israeli border. A commander of the Russian army gave this information during an interview with a Russian news agency.   


israel-syria-russia-12-decThe concerned Russian commander clarified ‘Russian military is assisting the Syrian soldiers near the Bravo Line, separating Israel and Syria. Russian and Syrian militaries are carrying out joint exercises in this region. Russian soldiers are engaged in moving civilians from the region to safer places. Moreover, the responsibility of repelling the attacks on this area also is on the Russian military.’  

Israeli as well as Arab media reported this, quoting the Russian news agency. Whereas, a website linked to the Bulgarian military has said that Russia will be making large deployments in the Golan region. For this, the Bulgarian website quoted sources in the Russian defence and foreign ministries. An Israeli reaction is expected on the reports of this deployment, as Israel has issued warnings to the Assad regime in Syria, over the military movements in the Golan region.  

Only last month, the Israeli military had launched airstrikes in the Golan region. Israel military announced that these attacks were carried out while the Iranian and Hezbollah soldiers were planting explosives. The Israeli military even published the photographs of the explosives and the Hezbollah terrorists. After that, Israel reprimanded the Syrian Assad government in clear words. Israel warned that if any suspicious movements of the Iranian soldiers or Hezbollah terrorists are noted near the Israeli border in the Golan region, the Assad government will be held responsible.   

Whereas, two days ago, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that the conflict would continue till the Golan Hills are released from the clutches of Israel. The Iranian President announced that the Syrian military would have complete support from the Iranian military in this conflict. After that, the possibility of Israeli attacks on the Golan region has increased. In this scenario, Russian military deployment in this region becomes significant.   

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, visited the Golan Hills during his visit to Israel, a few days ago. Russia had strongly objected to this visit of the US Secretary of State and had criticised that this visit will enhance the tension in the region.   

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