The intensity of Corona pandemic increases in US-Europe

Washington: – Coronavirus claimed 2,600 lives in the United States on Wednesday, taking the total number of deaths to 28,326. As per the information published by the John Hopkins University, this is the first instance of casualties in such large numbers. It is being revealed that the number of cases in Europe has doubled in the last ten days. 138,104 lives have been claimed by Coronavirus, so far, around the world and there are 2,077,974 cases.


The John Hopkins university informed the 525,000 people have been cured of the disease. The pandemic has claimed maximum lives in the United States and the medical officials are warning that the most arduous week has just started in the United States. This has had a devastating effect on the US economy and 22.5 million people have lost their jobs.

Despite this, the US President claimed that the pandemic is coming under control to an extent and the number of cases are declining. Although the number of cases in the United States is the highest, it is because the other countries are hiding facts. Whereas, the United States is very transparent in the matter. But countries like China are creating a façade that the number of deaths in the country is very less.

The pandemic has claimed 861 lives in the United Kingdom taking the total number of deaths to 13,729. As per the information given by the British health ministry, there are 103,093 cases of Coronavirus in the country. Along with this, the British government announced the extension of lockdown by a week. Two days ago, the lockdown had been extended by two weeks. But British Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, said that if the battle against Coronavirus has to be won, an extension of lockdown and strict implementation of the regulations is mandatory.

Meanwhile, the total number of deaths in the European countries has reached 90,000 and there are 993,275 cases of Coronavirus in Europe. The number of Coronavirus cases in Europe have doubled in the last 10 days.

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