US Secretary of State warns proximity with China will affect unique US-UK relations

Third World WarLondon: The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a stern warning to the United Kingdom over the Huawei issue saying that ‘Every country has the right to decide on ways to counter the challenges it faces. We expect that the United Kingdom will not take any inappropriate decisions while finalising the telecom policies. I am fully confident that the UK will not take any decisions that will jeopardise the special relations shared with the United States.’


Mike Pompeo, relations, US, UKThe Chinese Huawei company is making efforts to win contracts in many countries to implement the 5G technology. However, the United States has taken an aggressive stance stating that the company is connected with the Chinese government and the military, and can pose a threat to national security. President Trump has banned Huawei in the United States. Under instruction from the United States, Canada has detained the Huawei Executive Director, Meng Wenzhou and the process of handing her over to the United States is underway.

Trump has taken an adamant stand urging the US allies and partners to ban Huawei as well. Therefore, the United States has undertaken an aggressive campaign and is trying to pressurise the European and Asian countries to fall in line. Thus far, only Canada and Australia have accepted the US stance and indicated banning Huawei. Nevertheless, the United States is severely displeased as the UK, which is one of its closest allies ruled in favour of Huawei.

Mike Pompeo, relations, US, UKIn the past year, the United Kingdom has stood by the United States, on matters relating to Russia, Syria, and others. Albeit, tensions have reportedly emerged between the two allies over issues concerning the trade war, Brexit and Iran. The growing closeness with China over the Brexit issue had only added to the tensions. The US leadership had repeatedly warned the United Kingdom, objecting to the proximity. The United Kingdom’s proximity with China has come to the fore due to the Huawei issue.

Upset with the increasing closeness, the United States has indicated the significance of the Huawei issue by bringing up the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, stated the special relationship between the two nations twice, during a single visit and thus assumed significance. While issuing the statement, Pompeo also warned that the cooperation for the exchange of confidential information between the United States and the United Kingdom might also change. At the same time, he reprimanded the United Kingdom saying that it should be cautious towards the Chinese efforts for closeness as it is a part of its strategy to break the united front of the western countries.

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