Pakistan agreeing to ceasefire at Kashmir LoC – is it out of fear or conspiracy?

New Delhi: – Indian and Pakistani military officials concurred on a total ceasefire on the Line of Control (LOC) in Kashmir. Peace seems to be prevailing on the LOC in Kashmir ever since. But the talks are rife in India that why Pakistan suddenly realised that ceasefire was necessary; analysts and former military officials are making varied claims. Indian soldiers forced a mighty country like China to retreat on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. Some people believe that Pakistan discouraged by the development, suddenly realised the need for a ceasefire. Some former military officials express a doubt that this is a temporary phase and Pakistan could be preparing for major saboteur activities in the future.   

In 2003, during the tenure of dictator Pervez Musharraf, an agreement for ceasefire, on the LOC in Kashmir, had been signed. Peace prevailed in this region for a long time after this. But then Pakistan started a spate of terrorist infiltrations, providing them cover with cross border firing. The ceasefire was violated thousands of times and the Union Minister of State for Home had said that in the last three years, the ceasefire was violated for a whopping 10,752 times. But now, Pakistan has suddenly remembered the ceasefire. Saying that a complete ceasefire is necessary, Pakistan seems to be pleading to India for it. Before that, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and military chief General Bajwa had proposed talks to India. The change in Pakistan’s stance, especially the Pakistan military’s willingness for a ceasefire, is significant development. Talks in India are whether Pakistan is conspiring or this is just its helplessness.  

India forced the Chinese military to retreat from the LAC in Ladakh. This proved the might of the Indian military and for the first time, China realised that it did not have the might to subdue India. International media also took cognisance of this. Some people are saying that this could be the reason for Pakistan’s change of heart. Some former military officials are saying that Pakistan has realised that it cannot face the Indian military might. Moreover, if China does not help, India will easily acquire Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Analysts are pointing out that the Pakistan economy also has hit rock bottom. Pakistani journalists are advising that if the economy is to be revived, there is no alternative for India’s reconciliation. Therefore, there is a possibility that the Pakistan Prime Minister and military top brass has finally realised that this is the only way to go. Pakistan is also plagued with many internal problems. Pashtun population is on the streets demanding their rights. Whereas fierce attacks are being carried out on the Pakistani soldiers in Baluchistan. New challenges are surfacing on the Afghan and Iran borders. In this scenario, Pakistan cannot face India on the Kashmir border. Many have inferred that this is why Pakistan became ready for the ceasefire.   

A former military official informed that Pakistan is preparing for major military action against the rebels, challenging the government. As per this former official, Pakistan needs a breather on the Kashmir border to execute this action. 

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