Pakistan plots attacks on Indian Embassies in Afghanistan

New Delhi: Pakistan is planning attacks on Indian embassies in Afghanistan using the dreaded terrorist outfits Islamic State (IS) and Lashkar-e-Taiba. The infamous Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has been working on the plot and have been imparting training to suicide attackers. The security at the Indian embassies in Afghanistan has been beefed up following the intelligence reports.


Pakistan plots attacks on Indian Embassies in AfghanistanThe IS terrorists have been hiding in the Khorasan province of Afghanistan. It is reported that some Indians have been recruited by the group ISKP and are being trained. A terrorist name Saifullah, from Lahore, is in contact with the IS and Lashkar. The ISKP commander in Kabul has been assigned the responsibility of carrying out attacks on the Indian embassies in Kabul, Jalalabad and Herat.

As per intelligence reports, five suicide attackers have been instructed to attack the Indian embassies in Afghanistan and have been trained for the task. India is involved in the development of the infrastructural facilities in Afghanistan. The intelligence report says that there is a threat to the lives of the Indians working on these projects. Therefore, security at and around the Indian embassies has been bolstered.

Meanwhile, in 2008, 40 people had been killed in a suicide car bomb explosion outside the Indian embassy in the Afghan capital of Kabul. Even after that, the Indian embassies and the Indian workers have been targeted in Afghanistan.

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