Panicked by Rafale, Pakistan rushes to China to buy fighter jets

New Delhi: – India received another batch of three Rafale fighter jets from France. This will soon take the number of Rafale jets in the Indian Air Force (IAF) to eight. More Rafale jets will be added to the IAF fleet in the next few months, and this will increase the might of the IAF to a great extent. Panicking with the developments, Pakistan is running to China for help. Pakistan is making preparations to save itself from India by purchasing 50 J-10 fighter jets from China. Many of the fighter jets in the Pakistan Air Force fleet are not even capable of flying, leave alone fighting a war. Therefore, Pakistan is losing its nerve and is begging with China for fighter jets.   

The number of Chinese fighter jets in the Pakistan Air Force is increasing. As an alternative for the US made F-16s and French-made Mirage, Pakistan had purchased 139 Chengdu J7 and 110 JF-17 Thunder jets. The Pakistani analysts and air force had claimed that the JF-17 Thunder jets, developed jointly by Pakistan and China, will easily take on the Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets in the IAF. But the quality of these Chinese jets is being exposed, and the JF-17 Thunder jets are becoming a burden for Pakistan Air Force.   

There have been major disorders in a minimum of 40% of the JF-17 Thunder jets at two of Pakistan’s airbases. Defects in the basic chassis of the fighter jets have been exposed, and malfunction or cracking of canopy, wings, fuselage and anchor breakages have been noticed in these jets. It is claimed that these jets are incapable of flying as there is a fault in the basic chassis. At the same time, the excess weight of the radar system hampers the missile-carrying capacity of the fighter jets. Therefore, criticism is rife in the Pakistan media that the JF-17 Thunder is proving to be a blunder for the Pakistan Air Force.   

Now Pakistan is restless with the induction of Rafale jets in the IAF. To counter Rafale, Pakistan has increased moves to procure J-10 fighter jets from China. Only last month, a 13-member Pakistani delegation visited China for this purpose. During the visit, a purchase of 50 J-10 fighter jets was discussed, and Pakistan has demanded an immediate supply of 30 fighter jets. Moreover, it is being claimed that Pakistan is also making efforts for purchase of J-20 fighter jets.  

Meanwhile, Pakistan was boasting of having become a fighter jet manufacturer making JF-17, the fighter jets scrapped by China. Pakistan was claiming to be better than India, pointing out that India had not succeeded in producing fighter jets till then. But India started making much advanced Tejas fighter jets, and the Rafale fighter jets have increased the striking power of the IAF manifold.   

Pakistan is panicking with these developments. Pakistan cannot buy advanced fighter jets because of the crashed economy. Therefore, Pakistan is left with no other option, but to buy Chinese-made fighter jets. But the western analysts have given a verdict that even the Chinese Air Force does not have the technology and might to counter the IAF. 

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