Israel and UAE sign historic peace agreement

Washington: Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed the historic Abraham Peace Agreement, and due to this peace agreement, diplomatic relations will be established for the first time between the two countries. US President Donald Trump was the first to announce the deal. President Trump said that this is a significant development for peace and stability in the middle-east and expressed confidence that more and more Arab and Islamic countries will join the agreement. Egypt and Jordan welcomed the deal, whereas, Iran and Turkey accused UAE of stabbing them in the back by signing a peace agreement with Israel.


Israel and UAE sign historic peace agreementReports are being received since the last few years that the Arab countries are making efforts to establish cooperation with Israel. UAE, Bahrain and Oman had given clear indications. But these Arab countries never made any official announcement in this regard. But President Trump created a sensation with his tweet on the social media announcing the signing of the peace agreement. The US President made this announcement following the discussions held between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed. President Trump said that the United States played an essential role in the peace agreement. President Trump informed that as per the peace agreement, both the countries will open embassies and will establish cooperation in trade, tourism, education, medicine and defence sectors.

Some people believed that a peace agreement could not be signed between the UAE and Israel. But this historic agreement will increase the economic as well as the technological cooperation between the two countries and other countries from the region also will benefit from the deal. President Trump said that the other Arab and Islamic countries also are keen on joining the peace agreement and the United States is talking to all of them. Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE Ambassador to the United States, claimed that this agreement is a diplomatic success, and this will help reduce tension in the Gulf region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that peace will be established with UAE and claimed that this promises a bright future for the people of both the countries.

UAE is the third Arab nation to sign a peace deal with Israel. Egypt and Jordan have already signed peace deals with Israel in 1979 and 1994, respectively. Both these Israeli neighbours welcomed the peace agreement signed between Israel and UAE. Egypt and Jordan expressed confidence that this will change the Israeli stand regarding the West Bank. Indian foreign ministry also has welcomed this historic agreement. But the West Bank administration criticised that UAE betrayed the Palestinians by signing a peace agreement with Israel.

Israel and UAE sign historic peace agreementAlong with Hamas from the Gaza Strip, Iran and Turkey made scathing criticism on the deal. Iran criticised that UAE is securing Israeli interests with this agreement. Hamas, Turkish President Recep Erdogan and the Iranian foreign ministry criticised that UAE has stabbed the Palestinians in the back with this agreement.

Meanwhile, it is claimed that the agreement between Israel and UAE is a part of the changing political equations in the middle-east. The Arab countries are fearing that Iran is a bigger danger than Israel in the middle-east. Therefore, the UAE seems to have initiated strengthening the anti-Iran front in the middle-east by signing this agreement.

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