Israel strongly strikes Iran, Hezbollah bases in Syria, claim Israeli media

Damascus/Tal Aviv: – Syrian media and the military claimed that Israel launched attacks on capital Damascus and in the southern province of Quneitra. Syria said that its army retaliated strongly against the Israeli aggression. But reports are coming that these Israeli attacks were to target bases of Iran and its affiliated terrorist organisation Hezbollah. It is also being said that these bases have suffered massive losses.   


israel-syria-hezbollahFierce attacks were launched in Syria at 11 pm as per Israeli time, on Wednesday. These attacks were in Damascus and Golan region in the Quneitra province. The Syrian news agency informed that the Israeli aircraft launched air-to-surface and the army launched surface-to-surface missiles. Only a few of these missiles landed in Syria. The Syrian military activated the air defence system and successfully foiled the Israeli attack.  

The human rights organisations declared the exact places that were attacked. The attacks were on Iran’s bases and Iran-affiliated terrorist organisation Hezbollah in the Golan region of the Quneitra province. The human rights organisation said that the attacks in the Syrian capital of Damascus were on the international airport. The report published in the Israeli media predicted that the attacks were to target the arms depots of Iran and Hezbollah in Damascus and the Quneitra province. A few hours before the attack, an Iranian military aircraft carrying arms had landed on the Damascus international airport on Wednesday. Therefore, the Israeli media claimed that these attacks were to target these Iranian arms.   

It is being said that Iran and Hezbollah suffered massive losses in these attacks. As usual, the Israeli military has refused to comment in the matter. Even in the past, the Syrian army and the mouthpiece have accused Israel of launching attacks. The Israeli military had declared that attacks on 50 Syrian locations had been carried out in 2020.   

This is the fourth major attack carried out by Israel since January. Before this, three members of an Iran affiliated terrorist organisation had been killed on an attack carried out on 7th January, to the south of Damascus. Fifty-seven people had died on 13th January in the attack on the most extensive Iranian military base in the Deir ez-Zor region in eastern Syria. These included Iranian soldiers and terrorists from Iran-affiliated groups. After that, four people were killed in the attack carried out in the Hama region on 22nd January, after Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States.   

Israel had accused Iran and Hezbollah of building resources against Israel in Syria under cover of the Syrian civil war. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned that the attacks on the locations of Iran and Hezbollah would continue for the security of Israel.  

Meanwhile, the Israeli media is pointing out that Iranian activities have intensified in Syria and its nuclear program after the Biden administration has taken over the reins of the United States. 

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