If Israel does not stop attacks on Syria our missiles will target it, warns Syrian president

Damascus: “If Israel continues to attack Syria, the Syrian ‘Scud’ missiles will target ‘Ben Gurion’ airport in Israel.”, warned Syrian President al-Assad. He demanded to convey this warning to the Israeli prime minister after a telephonic conversation with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russian president Putin accepted the demand.


assad, syria, israel, russia, attacks, missilesThe official Russian news agency published the details of the discussion between Russian President Putin and Syrian President Assad. A Lebanese news paper has also carried a report about this. The president, in his telephonic discussion with President Putin on Sunday, had expressed displeasure about the increasing Israeli attacks in Syria. Stating that ‘The pride of the Syrian population is the highest’ he also warned that such attacks will not be tolerated.

Assad warned that if Israel continues to attack Syria, ‘Ben Gurion’, the biggest and the busiest airport in Israel, will become the target for the Syrian ‘Scud’ missiles. No other details about the discussions, were published by the Russian news agency. Russian President Putin had accepted the request of Syrian president Assad and expressed his willingness to forward this warning to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Three weeks ago, the Israeli fighter planes had attacked Syrian military base from the Lebanese border. There were reports that the military base in ‘Kalmon Mountains’, north of capital Damascus being destroyed by Israel. The Syrian army had claimed to have repelled this attack with anti-aircraft gunfire. The Syrian army also had claimed that they had succeeded in bringing down an Israeli jet. The Israeli army dismissed both the Syrian army claims.

There were reports of more Israeli attacks on Syria in the following days. According to the information received from the media that are in affiliation with the rebels against the Assad regime, the Iranian base near the capital Damascus was under attack. Both the Syrian as well as the Israeli armies had refused to comment on this issue.

‘The Israeli attacks will be replied with very strongly’ has been warned by the Assad government even before. Israel has declared that it will continue to carry on with the attacks to stop anti-Israel activities going on in Syria. Israel has alleged that taking advantage of the resistance in Syria, Iran is co-ordinating its military for action against Israel, also Syria and Iran are trying to arm the Hezbollah cadres. Israel had declared in last October, that it had carried out more than 100 air attacks on Syria in the past five years to put a check on these activities.

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