Iran is the new home for Al Qaeda terrorists, accuses US State Secretary

Washington: – Iran is fast becoming the new home for the Al Qaeda terrorists. US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo accused that action against Al Qaeda terrorists is becoming difficult, as they are all holed up in Iran. In 2015, following the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran there was an improvement in the relations between Iran and Al Qaeda. Last year, the deputy leader of Al Qaeda, Abu Muhammed Al- Masuri, was killed in Iran. A leading US newspaper published that Israeli agents killed Al-Masuri. The newspaper claimed that this action proves that Al Qaeda terrorists have taken refuge in Iran. But Iran, Israel and the United States had not reacted to the report.  


US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo, while speaking at the National Press Club, announced that Iran is harbouring the Al Qaeda terrorists. Al-Masuri’s presence confirms the relations between Iran and Al Qaeda.   

pompeoPompeo Accused ‘Iran is the new Afghanistan for Al Qaeda terrorists. The Al Qaeda terrorists would hide in the mountains in Afghanistan. But in Iran these terrorists move in the security rings provided by the Iranian regime.’ The Al Qaeda leaders raise funds for their terrorist activities and contact all their commanders worldwide. Pompeo said whatever these Al Qaeda leaders were doing from Pakistan and Afghanistan is being continued from Iran.  

The US State Secretary warned ‘After signing the nuclear deal with the United States in 2015, Iran allowed the Al Qaeda terrorists to build their headquarters in Iran. These Al Qaeda terrorists operate on Iranian instructions and sitting there; they can launch attacks on the United States and western countries.’  

Meanwhile, only a few hours ago, US State Secretary had accused Iran of manufacture, smuggling and use of chemical weapons. At the same time, Pompeo announced fresh sanctions against Iran. 

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