Iran could target Israeli nuclear scientists to take revenge of Fakhrizadeh killing

Jerusalem: – It has been reported that Israeli security agencies taking cognisance of the threat that Iran simmering with revenge for the killing of its nuclear scientist can attack Israeli nuclear scientists have cautioned the scientists, working in the Negev nuclear project. Only four days ago, Israel had cautioned Israeli citizens going to the Arab countries for tourism to be cautious. The Israeli agencies and military have also increased their activities to collect confidential and sensitive information from Lebanon and Syria.   


iran-israel-6-decLast month, on 27th November, senior nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed near the Iranian capital of Tehran. Iran accused that Israel was responsible for the killing of this senior scientist, who played an important role in the Iran nuclear program. Iranian leaders and officials are threatening that the perpetrators of this killing will have to face the consequences. As per reports, the Israeli agencies have taken this threat very seriously.   

A former scientist working at the Israeli Shimon Peres Negev nuclear research centre has been warned to remain cautious, by the Israeli agencies. The scientist told a local news agency that he has been instructed to keep changing his travel routes and inform the security officials about any suspicious developments. The Israeli news agency has not declared the name of the scientist and the news agency is claiming that similar instructions have been issued even to other nuclear scientists and analysts linked to the nuclear program.   

The Israeli news agency also said that Iran is keeping a watch on the online transactions and social media activities of these Israeli scientists. Before this, the Israeli agencies had even cautioned the Israeli citizens. They had instructed the citizens to avoid crowded places while in countries like the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Not only in the Arab countries, Israeli citizens, even in the United States, Europe, Asia, but Latin America had also been issued similar instructions.   

While the Israeli agencies are trying to protect citizens from a possible Iranian attack, it has been reported that a commander from the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was murdered in Tel Aviv. Iranian media claimed that Mossad commander Fahim Hinavi was killed on the streets of Tel Aviv, on Thursday evening. The video has gone viral on the Iranian social media and the claims that the killing of Fakhrizadeh has been avenged, are also being made. Israel, as well as Iran government, have not reacted to these reports.   

Meanwhile, Iran claims that nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh was working in the civilian nuclear program. But as per the information published in the Israeli newspaper, Fakhrizadeh had made preparations to make five nuclear bombs more than a decade ago. It is said that the Israeli intelligence agencies have an audio recording of Fakhrizadeh. An Israeli newspaper claimed that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had produced this evidence in front of former US President George Bush, during a special discussion.   

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