Nawaz Sharif’s statement on Kashmir is wishful thinking, a mere bombast: Pakistan’s Daily Times

Nawaz Sharif

New Delhi / Srinagar : Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan, this statement from the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been receiving criticism from within Pakistan itself. Daily Times, a Pakistani newspaper has criticized that this claim of the Prime Minister Sharif is inviting more trouble for Pakistan and Kashmir as well. How can Pakistan that provides moral support to the Kashmiris, for their independence, make statements about accession of Kashmir; this question has been raised in an editorial of this newspaper.


Nawaz Sharif and other politicians make such immoral statements to win the support of the masses. The editorial also expressed its disappointment saying that Pakistan and Kashmir have to bear the brunt of such statements. Pakistan has failed immensely to conduct good governance in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and in such a situation what will Pakistan achieve by accessing more land in Kashmir, questions this newspaper. Kashmir crisis can be resolved either through talks or war. The editorial also drew attention to the point that the same has been noticed from the history of last 7 decades. Hence, Pakistan should give more importance to the talks with India and should avoid making any rhetoric statements, suggested the editorial of this newspaper.

Other analysts have also expressed disappointment over the worthless statements on Kashmir made by the Prime Minister Sharif and the opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto as well. It is clarified by the talks with the Kashmiri leaders that Kashmiris are not keen to come to Pakistan. Thus, Pakistani leaders should not distract the civilians of Kashmir by making any unrealistic statements, added Pakistani analysts. Pakistani analysts even alleged that Pakistan government is defaming its own country by allowing the terrorists like Hafeez Saeed, Sayeed Salahudeen to make extreme statements on Kashmir crisis.

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