China deploys drone submarines near the Indian Ocean region

New Delhi/Beijing: – The ninth round of talks will soon start between India and China to decrease the tension created on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. The Chinese defence ministry spokesman informed that talks are being held between the countries for this purpose. While these reports are being received, China has prepared to gather the maximum sensitive information regarding the Indian Ocean region by deploying a drone submarine. Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat had said a few weeks ago that India was closely monitoring the Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean region.   

china-drone A fisherman from Indonesia had photographed a Chinese UUV-Unmanned Underwater Vehicle in the Indonesian marine region. It is suspected that this is an uncrewed Chinese submarine. This is a kind of drone submarine, and it is being said that this could be one of the Sea King marine drones developed by China.   

China has deployed this in the Indian Ocean sector. China claims that this deployment is for collecting information regarding the marine region and for research. But as per analysts, the fact is that China is trying to gather strategic information regarding the area.   

Doubts are being expressed that China is using this drone submarine, especially before deploying its own submarines to gather all the necessary information regarding the sector. The reports in this matter show that China is not keen on establishing friendly relations with India. China has miserably failed in exerting pressure on India with massive deployments on the LAC in Ladakh. As the per the global military analysts, the Indian position in this region is far stronger than China. Therefore, China is trying to supersede India by increasing the marine regions’ activities close to India.   

China has been attempting intrusions on the LAC to pressurise India. China had planned to keep India entangled in this. But the real Chinese ambition is challenging India in the Indian Ocean region. Analysts are pointing out that the Chinese intention is to keep this sector under its influence to achieve its military objectives. But the Indian navy can fight the Chinese navy, and China is fully aware that India will never tolerate any Chinese interference in this region.   

Therefore, China is increasing its activities in the region by forwarding excuses like research and counter-piracy missions. India has taken serious cognisance of the of these Chinese activities. A few days ago, Indian Defence Chief, General Bipin Rawat, suggested that some global powers are competing to increase their influence in the Indian Ocean region. General Rawat added that India is cautious to protect its interests in the marine area. Further, Indian Navy Chief, Admiral Karambir Singh, declared that the Indian navy is fully prepared to face the Chinese navy.  

Admiral Karambir Singh, while speaking to the media, had clarified that the Indian navy is well aware of the threats posed to the Indian security in the marine region and the Indian navy has made all the necessary preparations to face the challenges. Therefore, the indications are that the Indian navy had been alerted of the Chinese nefarious activities in the Indian Ocean region a long time ago. While China was up to these activities, India participated in joint naval exercises with the United States, Japan and Australia in this region. This added to the Chinese worries. Simultaneously, the Indian naval exercises with the Vietnamese navy are believed to be warning bells for China.   

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