Indian made Fast Breeder Reactor’s work in its final phase

Yekaterinburg (Russia)/Chennai: Over the past 15 years the Indian Atomic scientists are working to build the first indigenous ‘Fast Breeder Reactor’ in Kalpakkam near Chennai. The construction of the nuclear reactor with latest technology is in its final phase and it is claimed to be a blessing which can provide inexhaustible source of power supply for India

Department of Atomic Energy is soon ready to launch the completely indigenous fast breeder reactor equipped with the latest technology. It is believed that the fast breeder reactor which is, in its last phase of completion would secure India’s long term energy independence.This nuclear power reactor with latest technology would generate 70% more energy in comparison to the traditional reactors, besides it will also reduce the ratio of radioactive waste, said the Director General Yukiya Amano of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The researchers have also claim that the energy generated by the fast-breeder reactor is more than the nuclear fuel required to run the reactor.

In the International Atomic Energy Agency conference held in Yekateringburg, Russia nearly 700 nuclear scientists from 30 countries participated. Everyone has expressed their keen interest in Fast Breeder Reactor Technology. At the conference the Indian Scientists gathered appreciation on their progress on the Fast Breeder Reactor Technology.

Currently world’s biggest commercially operating fast breeder reactor based on this technology is situated in Russia in the mountain ranges of Ural close to Yekaterinburg. Russia is the global leader in this technology. In 2016, Russia commissioned the BN 800 fast breeder reactor based on this technology. This nuclear reactor produces about 800 MW electricity.

India had started an experimental reactor about 27 years ago based on this technology, following this, the Indian atomic researchers succeeded in developing nuclear reactor based on this technology. For the past 15 years, this work is being secretly carried out in Kalpakkam on the coast of Bay of Bengal.

The ancient mythical tales refers to ‘Akshaya Patra’ as an inexhaustible source. Researchers are drawing an analogy of the fast breeding nuclear reactor technology to an ‘Akshaya Patra’. M. Chudakov an expert on Russia’s Fast Breeder Reactors and currently engaged with IAEA, has appreciated the indigenously built reactor by the Indian scientists. All eyes are now focused on India. M.Chudakov said that this will be an important milestone in global nuclear power sector. While appreciating the reactor, developed by the Indian researchers, M.Chudakov said that this nuclear reactor will prove to be an important phase in future for an unlimited supply of energy.

Arun Kumar Bhaduri, the Director of Indira Gandhi Center of Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, has highlighted, the fast breeder reactor being the safest of all the other nuclear reactor technologies. Bhaduri said that efforts are being taken to commission and nuclear reactor this year.

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