Indian Army set to receive 40,000 Multi-Mode Hand Grenades

New Delhi: – The Indian Army will be receiving indigenously developed Multi Mode Hand Grenades. The Indian Army is still using the hand grenades from the British era, and they will be replaced by Multimode Hand Grenades (MMHG). Economic Explosives Limited, a Nagpur-based private company, has developed these high-quality hand grenades. The company has been awarded a contract for the supply of 1 million hand grenades. It is ready to supply 40,000 MMHGs out of them. The company said that the MMHGs would soon be handed over to the Indian Army. This is the first time in history that a private company will be supplying hand grenades to the Indian Army.   


A few months ago, a contract worth Rs 4 billion for the supply of 1 million MMHGs was awarded to Economic Explosives Limited, a subsidiary of Solar Industries Limited. In accordance with this order, the Indian Army is being supplied 40,000 MMHGs. These new MMHGs will replace the currently used British era grenades. India has been using British vintage hand grenades since the year 1915.  Now an indigenous alternative is available for the grenades.   

The new MMHG has been developed jointly by the Economic Explosives Limited, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Termina Ballistics Research Laboratory. Senior officials of the DRDO and other agencies will observe the MMHGs. Anmol Rathi, Deputy General Manager of Economic Explosives Limited, said that the MMHGs would be supplied about 8 to 10 days after that.   

These MMHGs are safer than vintage grenades. The MMHGs can be used in defensive as well as offensive manoeuvres. These will be effective even when the soldier is in a shelter, and the enemy is in the open. The intensity of the explosion of these lightweight grenades will be felt in 5 metres radius. Confidence is being expressed that the capability of the Indian Army will increase with these indigenous grenades.    

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