India warns China over ‘NSG’


New Delhi/Beijing 27th June,Indian Foreign Ministry has stated that  China along with other countries have opposed India’s membership to NSG. Against  the statement made by the Indian Foreign Ministry,  the Chinese Foreign Ministry has given their explanation on the allegations. The Indian Foreign Ministry has  strongly warned China to mend their ways and to consider India’s interests  otherwise such opposition would seriously affect the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Chinese Foreign Ministry, spokesperson, Mr.Hong Lei, has  mentioned during a press conference that there are several other countries, who along with China have objected to India’s entry into NSG.. Mr Hong Lei also clarified that China is not the only country responsible for India not getting the membership to NSG and so India should stop holding China responsible for this.These explanations are making it clearer that China’s opposition must have been the most important reason behind blocking India’s membership to NSG. .

Indian Foreign Ministry, spokesperson, Mr Vikas Swarup has warned and advised China to seriously consider India’s interests failing which,the bilateral relationship between the two countries  will be adversely affected. Mr Swarup stated that even though India  didn’t receive membership to NSG at the Seoul session but this could not be considered as India’s failure. Mr Swarup has further clarified that political efforts are an ongoing and continuous process and  India would have to try even harder in future for the membership to NSG.. Mr Vikas Swarup has also pointed out India’s efforts to obtain the membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Missile Technology Control Regime– (MTCR).

The statements of Indian and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokespersons suggest that in future, there could be a serious conflict at the political level between the two countries. The Indian Finance Minister,Mr Arun Jaitley has decided to curtail his China visit by one day. There are indications that in future India may take more tough decisions to warn China.


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