After ‘Doklam’, Chinese Army augments its preparedness in Tibet

New Delhi: China has largely augmented their army deployment in Tibet after ‘Doklam’, due to the deployment the worries have increased for India and the army movements are being closely watched by the Indian agencies. The army movements in Tibet are instigative and India has started preparing to retaliate.

preparedness-in-TibetLast year the Indian and the Chinese armies had a standoff for 73 days in Doklam. After this, the Indian and Chinese armies had retreated by a certain distance. But, according to a confidential report and the satellite images, it has become clear that China has increased its army deployment in an area near the standoff location. China has also built two storey buildings and other infrastructural facilities in this area. Saying, that the Chinese army is still present in the disputed Doklam territory, Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat had also warned that even if China is powerful India also is not a weak nation. Even China had reacted to this statement.

India is very important to China as a neighbour and a partner country. But, China is firm on the issue of sovereignty, said the Chinese Foreign minister Wang Yi on Saturday. Wang Yi was referring to the Doklam dispute. It has been observed that China is still instigating India about Doklam and Chinese army deployed in Tibet, near the Indian border, has also increased its level of preparedness.

According to a report from the intelligence agencies, China has increased the army deployment in Tibet. The intelligence agencies have also reported that there is a big increase in the fighter jets deployed in the area. China has increased the fighter jet count on all the airbases in Tibet region by about 20%, is what the report states. In the past three weeks, the fighter jet count deployed in Tibet has reached 51. China has deployed 22 ‘MI-17’ helicopters and AWACs along with 8 fighter jets at the airbase in ‘Lhasa-Gongka’. It is said that even surface-to-surface missiles are deployed.

Other than this, the ‘Rikaze’ Base has a deployment of 18 fighter jets. There are four ‘J-10’, four ‘JH-7’ and ten ‘J-11’ fighter jets. There are 11 ‘MI-17’ helicopters and ‘Drones’ in the Chinese fleet, as per the report.

‘Kashi’ base there is a deployment of twelve fighter jets of which eight are ‘JH-7’ and four are ‘J-11’ types. Fighter jets have been seen at other bases in the region too. There are reports of China deploying fighter jets at the Chinese bases in the region near the Sikkim border.

It is important that this deployment by China comes in winter. At this time the weather is adverse. Therefore, the Fighter jets are unable to take off. Due to this, a lot of questions are arising about the military preparedness by China. This is worrisome for India. But, the Indian Airforce and the army has started the preparations to face any situation, it is said. In view of the Chinese deployment, the Indian Airforce also has started getting the bases prepared, near the Chinese border. It is said that in the near future the Indian Airforce will start conducting regular war exercises and necessary security arrangements will be done.

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