India ranks fifth globally in the number of Coronavirus cases  

New Delhi: – Coronavirus claimed nearly 300 lives and 9,800 new cases were added, in the country, in the last 24 hours. The health ministry informed that this takes the total number of deaths and cases to 6.642 and 236,657, respectively. It has been revealed that the number of cases reached 244,000 by Saturday night. Therefore, India has reached the fifth rank, in the countries with the greatest number of Coronavirus cases.  


Coronavirus, India

Only last week India had reached the seventh rank in his list. But in the last five days, there has been an addition of 44,000 new cases and India is now ranked fifth in the list. India has a greater number of patients than in Italy and Spain. During mid-May, there was an addition of nearly 5,000 new cases every day. This number has crossed 9,000 cases, per day, now.  

But the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that the rate of transmission in India is low. But the WHO also warned that there is always a threat of an explosive situation if Community Transmission starts.   

On Saturday, Maharashtra reported 120 deaths and 2,739 new cases. 58 Coronavirus patients died in Mumbai. This takes the total number of deaths in Maharashtra to over 3,000 and the total number of cases to over 83,000. Delhi reported 1,330 new cases whereas Tamil Nadu reported 1,458 new cases, taking the total number of cases, in the state, to over 30,000  

Meanwhile, although the number of new cases increasing in India, the rate of recovery also has improved. The rate of recovery of Coronavirus patients has reached 48.2% and 115,942 patients have recovered fully from Coronavirus infection. 

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