India should become aggressive to stop notorious China, former diplomats and military officials demand

New Delhi – Shivshankar Menon, Former National Security Advisor, advised that if the notorious Chinese activities on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) should be stopped, India should undertake preventive measures. Making noise against China on the diplomatic level and forming international alliances will not affect China. Menon said that instead, India should increase its might. Former military officials are demanding that India use aggressive tactics not to offer an opportunity to China. Besides, it should consider that China will try to intrude again.


Shivshankar Menon, India-China relations, Line of Actual Control (LAC), Pangong Tso, chinese coronavirusIndia delivered a massive jolt to China with the aggressive action of the Indian military in the Pangong Lake sector. Meanwhile, a similar action is expected again today. Shivshankar Menon said that otherwise, the notorious Chinese activities on the LAC could not be stopped. Menon gave this advice while speaking in an online function. Major Gaurav Arya, retired from the Indian army, also demanded that the Indian military be prepared to retaliate against China. In 2017, the Chinese army made an intrusion attempt in the Doklam sector. The Indian army had busted the Chinese attempt. It was very easy for the Indian army to deliver a solid jolt to the Chinese army. But India did not do that. This is why China could muster the courage to attempt an intrusion once again on the LAC.

Retired Major Gaurav Arya said during an interview on social media, ‘Last year, the Indian army gave a strong reply to the Chinese army trying to intrude, through the LAC. Chinese army lost more soldiers than the Indian army in the Galwan Valley conflict. But a country with a dictatorial system can easily hide the news against itself. China took advantage of the fact that this is impossible in a democratic country like India and created a façade- it emerged victorious in the Galwan valley.’ Major Arya also pointed out that China is effectively using the propaganda war to pressurise India.

Therefore, India has to show more aggression on the LAC if the notorious Chinese actions should stop. The Indian military needs to intrude into the Chinese territory. Realising that China uses propaganda war, India should make preparations to turn it onto China. At the same time, India should support the democratic movements in China. This is because China fears democracy more than even the US and Indian militaries. Major Gaurav Arya also pointed out that this is why the ban on international social media in China.

The Indian army can deliver a jolt to China. China also is aware of this fact. But China is taking advantage of the tolerant and defensive stand adopted by India so far. If India decides that it will not allow China to take advantage of this in the future, China will realise that it will have to pay the price for its notorious actions. The Chinese behaviour will improve only after that. Otherwise, China will continue to harass India in various ways. China who is currently attempting intrusion on the LAC in Ladakh will attempt intrusion on the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh with more preparation. Major Arya warned that there is no alternative to aggressive measures if this has to be avoided.

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