India hits back Pakistan over false Kashmir narrative at the UNHRC

Geneva: Vijay Thakur Singh, Secretary (East), in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), tore Pakistan apart with a blunt statement saying that ‘Pakistan, which is the epicentre of global terrorism and uses terrorism as an alternative strategy is claiming to speak on behalf of unnamed countries on the issue of human rights. It forgets that terrorism is the worst form of human rights abuse.’ The Pakistan Foreign Minister supposedly produced a 115-page Dossier of proof of alleged human rights violations in Jammu-Kashmir. It was a slap in the face Vijay Thakur Singh delivered against the Pakistani accusation.

India hits back Pakistan over false Kashmir narrative at the UNHRC“India is violating human rights in Kashmir, and it remains an internal matter of India. India is trying to divert the attention of the world from human rights violations in Kashmir by making allegations of terrorism. The UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) should intervene and stop India,” Pakistan Foreign Minister Mahmood Qureshi demanded. While making the human rights violation claims, Qureshi admitted that the Jammu and Kashmir region was a part of the Indian Union. The Pakistani Foreign Minister outright accepted that Kashmir was a part of India when he mentioned Kashmir as the ‘Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir’.

The false propaganda of the Pakistani Foreign Minister received a reply in rebuttal within the next few hours. Vijay Thakur Singh, Secretary (East) in the Indian External Affairs Ministry, castigated Pakistan in precise words. “The decision taken by India regarding Jammu-Kashmir was very transparent. The Indian parliament had approved the decision, and the whole country supports it”, Vijay Thakur Singh highlighted. Singh further stressed that it was a matter internal to India and no country in the world had any right to interfere in it.

Also, Vijay Thakur Singh pointed to the irony of a country, which was the global centre for terrorism and strategised to export terrorists across the border, had made false accusations of human rights violations against India. Pakistan has patronised and provided safe havens for the leaders of the terrorist organisations for a long time now, Singh reminded. “There is no reason for anyone to pay the slightest bit of attention to the allegations made by such a country. India being a responsible country of the world, is completely aware of the human rights of its citizens. Making decisions on Jammu-Kashmir is a sovereign right of India. The decision was taken to establish justice, liberty, equality and camaraderie in Jammu and Kashmir,” Vijay Thakur Singh claimed.

India hits back Pakistan over false Kashmir narrative at the UNHRCAt the time, Singh appealed saying that “the international community should unite against the patrons and sponsors of terrorism. Being quiet on this front will finally strengthen the terrorists,” Singh said. The crushing blow Singh delivered to Pakistan, deflated their false propaganda against India. Most importantly, Singh attacked the credibility of Pakistan and shook Islamabad.

Pakistan’s plan to create an anti-India atmosphere by raising the Kashmir issue at the UNHRC has backfired. Additionally, Pakistan did not receive any response from any other country on the matter. Instead, Singh revived Pakistan’s history of terrorism and indicated that Pakistan speaking about human rights, was a contradiction in itself. Most importantly, there is no direct mention of Pakistan in the speech. Also, the Indian media highlighted the address within a matter of minutes.

Vijay Thakur Singh even informed of his full speech at the UN was published on the UNHRC website.

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