Hizbul Chief Salahuddin threatens India  

Srinagar: – After the Indian security forces eliminated Riyaz Naikoo, the Commander of the Hizbul Mujahidin, Sayyad Salahuddin, the Hizbul chief, issued a threat to India. Salahuddin, while speaking at the condolence meeting for Naikoo, held at Muzaffarabad in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), threatened that the spark over the Kashmir issue would culminate into a conflict in the entire region.   

Pakistan is already feeling the jolts of the elimination of Naikoo by the Indian security forces. Pakistani media are praising Naikoo, saying that he attained martyrdom while serving the cause of Kashmir. Whereas, the Indian Defence Chief, General Bipin Rawat, has suggested to the media that terrorists like Naikoo are not ‘Rambo’ and they should not be given undue importance. Therefore, Hizbul Mujahidin, who lost an important commander, tried to threaten India. Hizbul chief Salahuddin claimed that Naikoo’s sacrifice would not go waste. Salahuddin was addressing a condolence meeting held to mourn Naikoo’s death, at Muzaffarabad in POK. Salahuddin claimed that the spark generated over the Kashmir issue would ignite a conflict in the entire region.   

The moral of the terrorist organisation is at its lowest because of the operation launched by the Indian security forces. The new recruitments in the terrorist organisation also have slowed down. Therefore, glorifying the death of terrorists, like Naikoo, at the hands of the Indian security forces has become obligatory for Salahuddin and other terrorist organisations. But in reality, the terrorist organisations lack the strength. This has been exposed time and again. Naikoo was expressing discontent that he was not receiving the same support for terrorist activities from Salahuddin and Pakistan. This had led to severe differences between him and Salahuddin.  

It has also been exposed that the infamous Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, and the Pakistan military is not able to support the terrorists because of the international pressure and the fear of FATF action. This has weakened the terrorist organisations working on Pakistani sponsorship. The effect of the operation undertaken by the Indian security forces also are becoming apparent now, and 64 terrorists were killed and 25 apprehended alive in the last year. In this scenario, the threat issued by Salahuddin will hardly have any effect on India. 

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