Protest against Pakistan in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK)

Even as Pakistan was observing its annual ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ on Sunday, the locals of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) staged protests against the government of Pakistan and its military. They have alleged that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is inflicting atrocities on the residents of PoK and that the residents were being oppressed and were denied their fundamental rights and civil liberties. Since these demonstrations against Pakistan were carried out all over the region, Pakistan is seen to be in deep trouble because of these demonstrations, staged at various places in PoK. Due to these demonstrations, the traffic on the main highway towards Islamabad was affected for a while.


Protest against Pakistan in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK)

Over past few years, the furious locals in PoK have been frequently observed  expressing their anger against Pakistan. Apart from Pakistan usurping the resources here, the Pakistani army has also unleashed a reign of terror in the region. The locals are alleging that the recently held elections in PoK were a mere eyewash. By arresting the local leaders and preventing them from participating in the elections, the Pakistani government had wrapped the elections. The locals here had held strong demonstrations against the injustice.

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