God has sent Trump to save Israel; US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Third World War

Jerusalem: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement, “God may have sent Trump to save Israel. As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible” has drawn media’s attention. US State Secretary Pompeo visited the holy place ‘Temple mount’ in Jerusalem. Mike Pompeo said this while speaking to the media.


Trump-save-IsraelWhen Donald Trump was elected President, he had made significant decisions about Israel. Israel had been telling that their existence was at risk due to Iran’s controversial nuclear program. President Trump breached the agreement with the previous administration and took a stand on Israel’s side. Subsequently, Trump decided to shift its Embassy from Tel Aviv of Israel to Jerusalem.

This means that the US has approved Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump has made an incredibly bold decision accepting the displeasure of Palestine and other Islamic nations. Following this, Trump has decided to offer authorisation to Golan hills in possession of Israel.

On this background, US Secretary of State’s visit to Israel has become influential,drawing the attention of the International media.  Owing to this, the statements made by the US Secy of State appear to be substantial. Pompeo has been saying swearing at religious books of Jews and Christians that, ‘God has sent Donald Trump to save Israel. I believe this because I am a true Christian. Trump’s administration is taking these important measures to save Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East. That is why I have faith that God is functional,’ he surprised the participants by saying this.

Israel will not find a better friend than the US. These are not mere hollow words; it is a proven fact based on day to day happenings. said US State Secretary. Pompeo’s statement confirms that this message is not political, but it is based on religion and faith. Israel’s Prime Minister thanked the US by stating that Israel could freely act on Syrian military base of Iran because of Trump. This has confirmed that both the countries have established mutual relations which has amajor impact on Middle Eastern countries.

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