Escaped terrorist from Patiala prison arrested in Delhi

New Delhi : The head of the terrorist outfit ‘Khalistani Liberation Front’ (KLF), Harminder Mintoo who had escaped from Nabha prison in Patiala, was arrested in Delhi today. However, the whereabouts of the 5 others who had escsped with him are still unknown.


Escaped terrorist from Patiala prison arrested in Delhi

Mintoo along with 5 other terrorists escsped from the Nabha prison on Sunday. Due to the escape of these dangerous terrorists from a highly secured prison, the security during the Punjab elections is being questioned. Shocking revelations are being made about the ploy behind this jail break just 24 hours after the escape.  The plan was masterminded by the gangster Gurpreet Sekhon’s close aid Parminder Singh Panda and Prem Lahoria. Gurpreet and Lahoria along with Mintoo are being associated  to the Khalistani terrorists. Secutity agencies have received information that Gurpreet was to provide funds for terrorist activities.

It is believed that the Pakistani intelligence agency ‘ISI’ was planning to cause unrest in Punjab by using Khalistan supporting terrorist outfits.. Therefore, security agencies  are on alert due to Mintoo’s escape. The mastermind behind the jailbreak, Gurpreet was   arrested within 12 hours in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, it is believed that the other escapees will also be captured by the security agencies soon.

Mintoo was arrested in Delhi on Monday morning. He had shaved off his beard and mustache to evade identification.

Even though Mintoo was disguised, he was caught due to the solid information received by the intelligence agencies. It is now known that he was planning to leave Delhi and go to Goa.

It is still unclear as to how Mintoo reached Delhi and who he intended to meet there. Security agencies are throughly investigating Mintoo’s activities. Meanwhile, it has been reported that a huge stash of arms was found with Parminder Singh, the mastermind of the jailbreak who was arrested in Shamli. The security agencies are therefore trying to find out why the plan was deviced to get Gurupreet and his associates out of jail.

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